Survey Reveals More Consumers Embracing The Challenges Of Food Waste

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the problems of food waste, with many taking steps to minimise this within their homes.

That is one of the key findings of research carried out by RPC bpi protec as part of its ‘Taste without Waste’ campaign to highlight the importance of reducing food waste. The survey of 1,000 British consumers also confirmed most people’s commitment to recycling and that brand support and loyalty can be enhanced through a company’s positive sustainability credentials.

The research revealed that 77% of respondents only throw their food out when it looks or smells off. Nevertheless, 20% admitted that they were more likely to throw food away on its ‘Best Before’ date or once it had been opened. Such actions have contributed to the increase in total waste from households in England, which rose by 2.5% in 2016 to 22.8 million tonnes.

Another initiative to reduce waste, highlighted in the research, was to freeze food that is coming up to its sell-by date, with 65% of respondents confirming that they did this. Although 59% believed that resealable packaging helped to reduce their food waste, this does also highlight an opportunity for greater on-pack communication on the benefits of reclosable packs.

With the issue of packaging waste continuing to dominate the media, the research revealed that 80% of those surveyed recycle all the time, and 73% said they understood the particular recycling requirements of their local area. Nevertheless, there were still 24% who only ‘somewhat’ understood the rules behind recycling. This underlines the need for continued consumer education in recycling ‘best practices’, as well as a more co-ordinated and unified national recycling system to eliminate differences between local authorities.

Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents would look more favourably on businesses with a good sustainability record. 83% were more likely to choose products with either less packaging or recyclable packaging, and 82% to use the services of a company who make an effort to recycle and cut down waste.

“Our research suggests that the majority of consumers are very much in tune with all the latest sustainability issues,” comments Sue Mohan of RPC bpi protec.

“For the packaging industry, it is therefore vital that we continue to promote the many ways in which our packs help to minimise food waste, while also ensuring they demonstrate the strongest environmental profile, particularly in terms of recyclability or reusability.”



New Label Capability Expands Customer Offering

RPC bpi protec Worcester has invested c.£1.7 million in a new flexographic printing press and slitting machine for the production of reel fed labels.

Ideal for applications such as water, soft drinks, cooking oils and milk, the specialist labels material offer excellent tensile strength for faster application speeds and the elimination of web breaks. The strength of the material also allows thinner gauge material to be used for valuable weight reduction. In addition, this delivers more labels per standard reel to help minimise changeover times.

The new flexo press produces high quality labels in up to 8 colours for effective on-shelf impact and differentiation, with tight tolerances for accurate application onto bottles. Equally important, it has the flexibility to produce short runs in order to respond quickly to changing market demands.

With in-depth knowledge of key end-markets, RPC bpi protec’s comprehensive sales and technical support services will work with customers in the development of specific solutions to meet their individual requirements.





Flint 3000 Days Without A Lost Time Accident

Congratulations to our site in Flint who celebrated reaching 3000 days without a Lost Time Accident on the 17th September 2017.

To celebrate this fantastic achievement, Flint held a Celebration day for the staff and the family of those who work at the site, as well as those who work at the other protec sites. This was an action packed day full of fun and activities to highlight the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.

Thanks to the whole team at Flint who over the years have contributed to reaching this wonderful milestone!Flint3000 - Copy



X-Hance scoops Cutting Food Waste award

smaller xhanThe food protection and preservation capabilities of X-Hance film from RPC bpi protec  have been acknowledged in a major sustainability awards programme.

X-Hance has been named the winner in the Cutting Food Waste category of the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards, which celebrate innovation and creativity that make significant environmental advances across the supply chain.

X-Hance is a 100 per cent opaque but still breathable film. This eliminates light rays in order to protect products, preserve their freshness and quality, and deliver extended shelf life. Equally important the high-impact film can be printed in up to 10 colours to enhance brand image and deliver effective point-of-sale promotion.

The film performs well and consistently on VFFS packing machines, with excellent seal strength integrity. Additional perforations can be included to improve air flow within the pack, without affecting the aesthetics or performance of the packaging.

X-Hance has already been adopted by a leading retailer for its potato ranges, preventing the green discolouration that occurs when potatoes are subjected to too much light. This is the main reason why an estimated 730,000 tonnes (5.8 million individual potatoes) are thrown away by households each year.

“We are delighted to receive this significant environmental accolade,” comments Andrew Green, Deputy CEO, RPC bpi group.

“X-Hance offers a number of key benefits for food retail markets, ensuring product is well protected and preserved throughout the supply chain while at the same time providing the high quality decoration that creates a premium image on–shelf.”



Worcester Wins Silver

w awardQuality of print and technical design difficulty saw RPC bpi protec Worcester win silver at the annual EFIA (European Flexographic Industry Association) awards gala dinner for their Farmfoods pork sausages packaging!

Chris Duffy gladly received the ‘sizzling’ certificate during proceedings as Worcester celebrated their recognition.

Innovating the 3 P’s

RPC bpi protec have developed a new film ‘X-Hance’ which ‘Protects, Preserves and Promotes’ fresh produce. By eliminating light rays it preserves the product packed, providing extended shelf life.

The high impact film performs well and consistently on VFFS packing machines, with excellent seal strength integrity. Additional perforations can be added to improve air flow within the pack, without affecting the aesthetics or performance of the packaging.

Tony Farquharson, Technical Director, said, ‘by listening to our customers’ demands for reducing cost and increasing shelf life, we are engineering technical solutions to supply them with innovative packaging.’


BRC – AA accreditation

BRC Global small pngRPC bpi protec (formerly bpi.consumer packaging) are proud to have attained the newly introduced ‘AA’ grade by their auditors for the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials (Issue 5, July 2015).
RPC bpi protec (formerly bpi.consumer packaging) have maintained the BRC/IOP certification since its introduction.
Brian Taylor, Business Director said ‘we are extremely pleased to have maintained this accreditation, as it reflects the high standard of our Quality Management, Hygiene and Quality Control Systems.  We pride ourselves on our Continuous Improvement and this is shown in us obtaining this standard’

X-Easy Seal Innovation

RPC bpi protec have developed an ‘Easy Close’ LDPE material, which allows the pack to be reclosed without the requirement for a fastener.

The laminate structure gives good performance on VFFS packaging machines, and provides a package that can be ‘reclosed’ time after time.

Martin Taylor, Sales & Marketing Director said ‘we are constantly pushing the boundaries with innovation, bringing cost effective but distinctive products to the market.  We are proud to have worked to bring our X-Easy Seal product to the market.’

New press commissioned

comexi f4 resized

RPC bpi protec (formerly bpi.consumer packaging) are pleased to announce the commissioning of their new Comexi F4  printing press.  This recent installation represents their 10th Comexi press, and increases their print capacity and capabilities.


Brian Taylor, Business Director commented ‘as part of our continued investment strategy we specifically chose this short to medium run press to enable us to extend our portfolio within the flexible packaging markets, and are pleased to be partnering with Comexi again’

Comexi´s Vice President, Mr.Ramon Xifra, says “after a long history in common with RPC bpi protec (bpi.consumer), we are very pleased to continue our close relationship offering a key machine for the development of the flexographic printing industry. The new Comexi F4 has the most innovative printing and settings systems of the industry”.
RPC bpi protec has over 40 years’ experience supplying innovative flexible packaging solutions.  They are continually working alongside suppliers to pioneer technological advances, whilst maintaining a high level of quality and customer service.