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At the Forefront of Packaging Innovation

RPC bpi protec is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and new product development to provide the highest quality flexible packaging.

We understand that market positions and consumer requirements constantly change and we have the flexibility to respond accordingly.

We work in partnership with our customers when developing new product packaging, which ensures we achieve our customers’ objectives.

Our commitment to continuously improve our packaging options is evident with a full in-house testing and product development facility.

Examples of our innovative approach include:

X-easy seal

Easy open – we can create special access vents allowing easy opening packs.
Reclosable – we offer films which allows the pack to be ‘reclosed’ many times.
Dual seal – two separate compartments which the consumer can decide when to mix together


Enhanced polythene grades, maintaining integrity and performance.  Performance and sealability of LDPE, clarity and look of PP.


Environmentally friendly paper feel / look option, no requirement for a paper laminate.


High speed lamination grade LDPE, maintaining productivity and integrity, requires lower sealing initiation.


Modified and Controlled Atmosphere packaging.


Specialised barrier products to enhance shelf life of products, whilst maintaining brand and shelf appeal.

Unique numbering: Ideal for a special promotion. We can print unique numbers on the pack or hidden away from prying eyes, adhering to food safety standards at all times.

Promotional card inserts: Perfect for a product promotion. We adhere to food safety standards by ensuring there is no contact with the food product, while making each insert uniform if appropriate.

Shrink and stretch sleeves: We offer collation shrink for cans and stretch sleeves for milk cartons and bottles.

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