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Bottomweld bagsBottomweld bags are produced from lay flat film tubing sealed at the base. Commonly used for produce trayliners in supermarkets, bottomweld bags are available as separate bags and bag on the roll formats.
Centrefold sheetingThe fold in centrefold forms the base of a bag with the edges being formed through sealing the film together. Typically used on FFS units to pack fresh produce such as potatoes.
Film on the reelFilm on the reel is used either vertically or horizontally on form and fill machinery. bpi.consumer packaging produces film on the reel for a wide range of applications.
Gussetted bagsFlat bottomed gussetted bags provide a stable base, which aids the filling process and allows the bag to stand upright during storage.
Gussets can either be square bottomed or mitre bottomed. Square bottomed gussetted bags are available in both wicketted and single formats. Mitre bottom gussetted bags are available in wicketted format.
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)This technology is used to extend shelf life. MAP is available in a variety of formats. The microscopic laser holes control the airflow related to the respiration rate of the packed product.
Micro-perforated (hot & cold needle)This is an intermediate airflow option available in wicketted bag or film on the reel formats. The perforation dimensions are determined by the requirements of the packed product.
Pouch sealFlat pouch is a more substantial and prominent seal suitable for heavier gauge materials (including laminates up to a thickness of 150 micron). This type of seal offers increased security when packaging heavier products compared to a standard sideweld. The pouch seal is only available in single bag format.
Registered prefixed label filmA simple and effective solution for resealing opened packs. Used extensively in packaging rice, nuts, and dried pasta, this packaging enables the original pack to be opened and resealed several times.
Sideweld BagsSideweld bags are available in wicketted and single bag formats. Designed for packaging lighter weight products, the sideweld limits the thickness of this packaging to between 25 and 60 micron. Pouch seals are required for thicker, heavier gauge packaging.
TraylinerTrayliners, reverse printed in up to eight colours, are available for point of sale packaging for loose fresh products. Trayliners can be produced with perforations or large slits for extra product ventilation. Paper match varieties are also available, which replicate traditional paper liners.
Captive flapCaptive flap is an extremely effective way of retaining package contents. The captive flap is re-usable, lightweight and cost effective.
Cook-in-the-bagFully printed structures for microwavable or ‘boil in the bag’ applications. Available as film on the reel for VFFS / HFFS packaging. Particularly suited for the growing convenience market.
Full hole perforatedDifferent fresh produce items demand differing airflow levels to ensure produce breathability. Strategically placed holes are incorporated into the product to facilitate the free flow of air for optimum product breathability. Available in wicketted bag or film on the reel formats to suit machinery application.
Joker bagsDesigned to meet the needs of specific packaging machinery, joker bags are neatly presented in a linked format that forms a continuous chain of bags. Automatic separation from the polyethylene chain occurs at the packing stage when being heat sealed for closure.
Lidding filmSuitable for all tray types, lidding film is available in peelable and weld seal formats. Anti-fog and high clarity options can be printed in up to ten colours. Additionally lidding film can be laser perforated for extended shelf life if required.
Permanent seal bagsA comprehensive range of closure options is available for self seal or secure closures for shipping products and documents. Permanent seals and tamper evident closures, combined with high strength opaque films, provide ideal solutions for challenging transit packs.
Prestoclose/zipWhere a more substantial closure is required, the ZIP GRIP presstoclose option provides a highly-effective, air tight closure that increases packaging functionality. Available in PE monoweb format and PE based laminate structures. Non-wicketted and wicketted formats are available.
Resealable bagsA variety of resealable options are available in wicketted bag format.
Square-bottom bagsThe flat bottom provides a stable base which aids the filling process and allows the bag to stand upright during storage. Polythene square-bottom bags reduce the risk of contents becoming trapped in the folds of the bag.
Wicketted bagsWicketted bags are sideweld bags with full punch holes in the lip area to facilitate attachment. Used on wicket bagging machines that automatically separate, fill and seal the pack.


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